Coach Renee at James River during her journey

My Journey

Late fall 2018 while standing by the James River I had a moment of complete surrender, so with arms wide open, I made a conscious decision to embrace change, let go and move forward.

Embracing my call, I enrolled in the Health Coach Institute certification program where I professionally trained to become a Health and Life Coach.

Like most of you I have had my share of unexpected changes and pivots in my life.  I now can clearly see that life's ups and downs are not happening to me, but for me. Reframing my mindset from scarcity to abundance, I welcome transformation, clarity and the freedom only truth can unleash in my life.

I unapologetically embrace my journey as a Young & Wiser Woman and a Christian life coach with great gratitude, and I look forward to being your Personal Growth Coach.

Coach Renee Dixon

 I love shopping at my local farmers market. I enjoy the adventure of trying something new and all the bright colors.  I have my favorites too, like okra, tomatoes, cherries and these gorgeous radishes.

Healthy meal and beverage

 Listening to a good audible or podcast and chopping veggies for a great veggie bowl like this one is a great way to pass time and reward myself with a super delicious and refreshingly healthy meal.

I Am A Life Coach T-Shirt

Yes, I am a life coach, and I got a t-shirt to prove it! A t-shirt always makes it official... right?

Coach Renee Dixon and her mother

My favorite Young & Wiser Woman, my Mom and me.  My Mom has been listening to my dreams and goals my entire life. She has never minimized any of my ambitions.  She is my perpetual cheerleader and first best friend.

What a joyful time we had at the Coffee and Conversation Women's Fellowship hosted by Victory Church of Jesus Christ in Washington, DC. 

I truly enjoy speaking to groups to offer encouragement, inspiration, and of course, a big Smile!