Young & Wiser

You're not done, You're not too old.
Yes, it's time to dream again!

Syndi Dixon Artwork 'Grandma'

Pictured above: Daisey Lee Arnold is my delicate grandmother and passionate influence that encouraged
me to revel in my uniqueness, to dance, to smile, to be authentic and to persevere!  

Artwork by Sydni Dixon

A late call from a telemarketer: Mrs. Dixon what year were you born? 1967, I stated proudly. The lady was excited. We had something in common. She too was born in 1967. There was a brief celebration and in no time, we felt like friends.

She complained about growing old and we chuckled about the aches and pains that come along with the process. Then she shifted her mood, “Oh well it’s too late for me now, I had so many dreams…when I was young”. There was a deep sad sigh and several more regrets and complaints.

 Oh no, without fair warning I realized we were headed to a pity party.  I couldn’t let that happen. I grabbed my new friend's attention. "Hey, by no means are we too old", I said.  In fact, we are quite young, and we are definitely far wiser than we have ever been in all of our lives". It was at that moment I heard myself say for the first time, We are YOUNG & WISER!

My mission became clear. I will serve amazing women like me, like my mom, my grandma and the telemarketer on the phone who give of themselves constantly and should be reminded often of their value, beauty and uniqueness!  

Hi, I'm Coach Renee Dixon

 I am looking forward to getting to know you, but first let me briefly tell you a  little about me. I am a 50+ woman that loves life, smiles and my family.  I am cherished and loved by my husband for over 26 years and together we have 3 kids. 

At Young & Wiser 50 Plus, my desire to encourage, uplift and connect others with their goals and their tribe has inspired many of my career choices. Allow me to become your personal growth coach in Maryland. 

I can't wait to meet you, Young & Wiser Woman!