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Young & Wiser

Woman ready to embrace change,
let go & 
move forward!

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Picture of Daisey Lee Mattison-Arnold , My Grandmother. 

Daisey Lee Arnold was born on September 8, 1917, in South Carolina. She was the youngest of 14 children. Daisey was stunningly beautiful and effortlessly stylish. My grandmother, like many women, had her share of struggles and pain. Despite her challenges, my grandmother taught me how to dance in the moment, march to my own beat and revel in my uniqueness. She encouraged me to bravely explore the vulnerability of authenticity. "Just be yourself."


As I reflect on our short time together, I realize the biggest lesson she tried her best to teach me was that being myself is all I am required to be or become. My grandmother Daisey Lee is the inspiration behind what I do and who I serve. I am here for women very similar to her—women who have many stories, pains and flaws, but quietly persevered everyday alone. I created Young & Wiser, LLC., a business/ministry that allows me to support unstoppable women by providing a space to be heard. This is a safe place for women like Daisey Lee and my mom; women who face their challenges, turn them into something beautiful and keep moving forward!

Hi, I'm Coach Renee Dixon

 I am proud to say I was born in 1967—I'm a 50+ woman that cherishes life, my faith, my family, my stories and my smile.  My husband and I have been married since 1994 together we have 3 kids.  I am a certified life/health coach, licensed minister, speaker/facilitator, realtor and soon to be author. More importantly I am truly loving being me!

My mission is to serve women who are ready to take bold steps forward. I work with women who are just starting out on their journey toward finding themselves again after years of neglecting themselves or putting their needs last. 

I serve real women with real stories—women who have been through a lot but still have so much more to give; women who have a burning desire for change but don't know where to start; women who need help figuring out how they can make their lives better by embracing change and letting go of what no longer serves them.

To all the unstoppable Young & Wiser Women, I am looking forward to
our journey together!  
Coach Renee