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You're not done, You're not too old. Yes, it's time to dream again!

A call from a telemarketer: Mrs. Dixon what year were you born? 1967 I stated proudly. We had something in common. She too was born in 1967. There was a brief celebration and in no time, we felt like friends. She complained about growing old and we chuckled about the aches and pains that come along with the process. Then she she shifted her mood, “Oh well it’s too late for me now, I had so many dreams…when I was young”.  Oh no, without fair warning I realized we were headed to a pity party.  I couldn’t let that happen. I grabbed my new friend's attention. "Hey, by no means are we too old", I said.  In fact, we are quite young, and we are definitely far wiser than we have ever been in all of our lives". It was at that moment I heard myself say for the first time,



Renee Dixon

Personal Growth Coach

Hello Young & Wiser Woman!  I am looking forward to getting to know you, but first let me briefly tell you a  little about me. I am a 50+ woman that loves life, smiles and my family.  I am cherished and loved by my husband of 26 years and together we have 3 talented teenagers. My brother and I were born and raised in DC by our two sweet parents. Much of my inspiration comes from the greatest teacher in life the late Walter L. Arnold, my granddad.

20 years ago I became a licensed minister. This path has led me to stand before audiences and deliver God-inspired messages and serve as co-founder and facilitator of Life Group Home Church since 2017.  My motivation to encourage, uplift and connect others with their goals and their tribe has inspired many of my career choices. It is with complete transparency that I strive to share my life experiences with others to hopefully inspire and strengthen them on their journeys.

A few years ago, my family took a vacation to Williamsburg Virginia. One day while standing by the James River and I spread my arms wide and with all my heart and a loud voice I yelled, I am embracing change. At that time I had no idea what exactly that would entail, but I knew I had to be willing to let go in order to move forward. Trust me, it isn't always a smooth ride and there have been plenty of uncertain steps along this path.

Embracing my call, I enrolled in the Health Coach Institute certification program where I professionally trained to become a Health and Life Coach. Today as a Young & Wiser Woman, I have seen many unexpected changes and pivots in my life.  I can clearly see that life's ups and downs are not happening to me, but for me. Reframing my mindset from scarcity to abundance and with arms wide-open I welcome transformation, clarity and the freedom only truth can unleash in my life. I unapologetically embrace my journey as a Young & Wiser Woman and with great gratitude look forward to being your Personal Growth Coach.


Achieve Your Goals

Support That Makes a Difference

Getting Unstuck

Embracing Change, Letting Go & Moving Forward!

You have been giving to so many for so long that you have had no time to consider your dreams, goals and next steps. My job is to give you the tools, techniques and accountability to take action towards finding your purpose. Say yes to yourself! We will walk through surrender and learn to trust that everything is happening for you and not to you. You will deepen your spiritual intuition and connection to gain clarity and direction and help develop skills related to your purpose.  Call now to schedule a session.

Healthy at any age

Aging in Grace & Abundance

A Young, Wiser and Heathier You! Your Well-being is a priority!

Are you ready to relate and/or see yourself in a new way, to feel more healthy, confident and even sexier? Together we  will explore shifting to healthier habits so you will feel better in your own skin and more authentic when relating to others. So, if you're ready...let's get started. I will coach you in shifting your mindset, learn new skills/tools and provide accountability, support and the stretch you need to accept and love the Young & Wiser you. Reach out now to schedule an appointment.

Beautiful Skin

Boss Benefits

Are you living beneath your privilege?

Life changes are inevitable. Learning to respond more and react less is definitely  a privilege we are blessed with when we understand our Source. Perhaps you are moving to a new position or moving away from a long career,  or you're no longer finding fulfillment and it's time to try something new.  Do you have a dream, a hidden talent or business you are ready to launch? My purpose as your coach is to help you with limiting beliefs and fear so you can discover what is the next and best path for your journey.  I am so excited for you. Get in touch with me. Let's take the Journey!

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Take the Journey
Our Programs

Young & Wiser Woman, you have choices! I offer a variety of coaching services that will nurture your spirit, help you overcome personal challenges, and allow you to achieve your individual life goals. I cater to each of my client’s personal needs in order to unlock their full potential. Contact me to start your proactive journey today.


12 Week Sessions

90 minute FREE consultation and assessment

Every Week - 1 full hour of coaching

Coaching workbook

Y&W Journey Pack & Journal

payment plans are available


Group Sessions

6 weeks of amazing group sessions with friends, family or soon to be friends. We will discuss, discover and dismantle limiting beliefs.  We will embody the freedom of  truth and community and align with our true purpose. 

Women Female Feminism Lady Madam Friends

90 minutes to Win It!

1 Free 30 minutes consultation
1 - 90 minute individual coaching session 
2 - 45 minute sessions

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“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh



Helping my clients discover effective approaches in dealing with the challenges in their lives brings me great satisfaction and joy! Read on to learn what clients have to say about their experience with my coaching services, and contact me today to schedule your own session.

“I definitely recommend Coach Renee, Young & Wiser. She has the ability to ask the questions that help get me to the truth within. Growth is   a measurable change. I find myself reapplying the same questions to different situations and stay with the question until the correct answer

is reached. This change has most certainly come with peace of mind. I find that I fly off the handle    a lot less when I take the time to properly sort through irritations. I appreciate Renee for helping me find this skill. I also learned that I had  a problem setting boundaries and trying to live

by the expectations of others. I have learned to expand my value and appreciation for myself and setup proper boundaries for others. This has helped me in business and in my relationships with others.”

‘I am woman Business Owner in a male dominated field, holding my own.” I am loving, lovable and loved”

M. Williams - 53 years old


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Want to learn more? Thinking about starting a new journey? I am here for you and looking forward to answering any questions you may have. Please get  in touch to schedule your free Young & Wiser consultation. Thank you!


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